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Brushtech B52C Deep Fryer Drain & Cooling System Cleaning Brush

Brushtech B52C Deep Fryer Drain & Cooling System Cleaning Brush

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Easily clean deep fryer drains and cooling systems at high temperatures!

Make your deep fryer cleaning and maintenance a breeze with a Brushtech deep fryer drain and cooling system cleaning brush. Brushtech has been making high quality brushes in the USA since 1976 – your satisfaction is guaranteed!

When a Brushtech fryer cleaner brush is used, no down time is required as fryers don’t need to be shut down to cool before cleaning. No down time for cleaning means longer operating times with better long-term profits! These fryer cleaners are rustproof with high tensile strength brass bristles.

  • Withstands temperatures of up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Reduces downtime and increases operating time by eliminating the need for fryers to cool before cleaning
  • Made of rustproof, durable high tensile strength brass bristles for cleaning deep fryer drains and cooling systems
  • Features a long, comfortable handle to keep your hands a safe distance away from heat and potential burns
  • Easy to use and manoeuvre for maximum leverage and for getting into those hard to reach places
  • A straight style fryer cleaning brush for cleaning most fryers
  • Brush Dimensions: Length: 27″  Width: 1.5″  Height: 1.5″
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