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Chef Master

Chef Master 90254 Commercial Griddle Scraper

Chef Master 90254 Commercial Griddle Scraper

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High quality restaurant grade griddle scraper

The Chef-Master Professional Griddle Scraper is designed to last through the wear and tear that occurs in commercial kitchens. The Chef Master Professional Griddle Scraper is designed with high-quality materials to ensure that your griddle scraper lasts through many many uses! It is designed with high-quality plastic and rustproof stainless steel. The blade on the Chef Master Griddle Scraper is interchangeable so that when the blade starts to get blunt, you can simply unscrew the wing nuts. remove the old blade, and then replace it with a new one!

  • 6 INCH LONG INTERCHANGEABLE BLADES – The Chef-Master Griddle Scraper is designed to have interchangable blades so that when one gets old and blunt, you can simply replace the blade with a brand new one. Chef-Master also manufactures replacements blades which are designed to fit to griddle scraper perfectly
  • EXTRA LONG HANDLE WITH ERGONOMIC GRIP – Chef-Master Griddle Scrapers are designed with an ergonomic extra length handle to maximize the protection for the user. There is a round grip handle to help the user easily remove all grease and gunk buildup, this extra handle gives greater control and power when scraping grills clean
  • EASILY REMOVES GREASE AND GUNK BUILDUP – With the Chef-Master 90254 Professional Griddle Scraper, cleaning griddle scrapers has never been easier. Simply scrape all the gunk and grime off of your griddles. To achieve a maximum clean, we recommend using a griddle cleaning liquid
  • EXTRA WIDE SPLASH GUARD TO PROTECT USER – The Chef-Master Professional Grade Griddle Scraper features an extra wide splash guard to protect the user. This splash guard prevents flying pieces of gunk and old food from hitting the user in the face
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Cleaning the griddle with the Chef Master 90254 Griddle Scraper is super-easy. Begin scraping the surface clean when the griddle is warm; the wide stainless steel blade will remove burnt caked-on foods with fewer strokes, and the splash guard will keep oil and debris off of your hands. Once the surface is clean, season it with vegetable oil and it’s ready to use. Makes cleaning the griddle easier than ever.
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