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Chef Master

Chef-Master Extra Length, Heavy Duty Griddle Scraper

Chef-Master Extra Length, Heavy Duty Griddle Scraper

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Featuring a 5.5″ sharpened scraping blade. Cleans evenly and consistently!

For cleaning all types of griddles, blackstone griddles, and hibachi grills, this compact but efficient griddle cleaning scraper works great in food trucks and any kitchen with a griddle. The extra length 15.5″ plastic and silicone handle keeps your hands far away from hot surfaces and provides extra comfort while cleaning. A lightweight aluminium and stainless steel construction provides extra strength for a long product lifespan and ensures that the griddle scraper is rust resistant.

  • Features an extra length 15.5″ handle – keeps hands away from hot surfaces!
  • Designed with a lightweight, extra strength aluminum construction for an extended product lifespan and ensures extra comfort while cleaning.
  • A sharpened 5.5″ stainless steel blade scrapes grids and griddles thoroughly for an even and consistent clean.
  • Designed with rust resistant high quality stainless steel and aluminum to ensure that the griddle scraper does not rust.
  • A plastic and silicone handle provides for an extra comfortable cleaning experience.
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