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Stera-Sheen Red Label Boil Out Fryer Cleaner – 12x 6oz Packets

Stera-Sheen Red Label Boil Out Fryer Cleaner – 12x 6oz Packets

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Boil out cleaner | Putting clean oil into dirty fryers is a waste of money!

Stera-Sheen Red Label is a non-caustic powerful chemical cleaner that thoroughly cleans your deep fryer equipment, safely. The strong ingredients remove difficult zero trans-fat oils and grease. Black metal marks are easily removed from ceramic plates.

Easy to use on open pressure fryers, fryer baskets, and oil filters. You can choose from the fryer-off or fryer-on options. Stera-Sheen Red Label checks odors and cleans the most difficult jobs in one easy operation saving hours of maintenance.

There are good reasons to keep your fryer equipment clean. When you add your new oil to a dirty fryer, you will immediately contaminate it. This will break down the new oil quicker which will force you to change the oil more often. An expensive exercise! Stera-Sheen Red Label ensures top results in fry oil maintenance.

  • Cleans and removes oils, carbon, rust, fats, calcium and burned-on grease.
  • Offers two ways to clean fryers: Fryer-off 30-minute overnight soak for heavy soils, or fryer-on option.
  • After cleaning the fryer and baskets, reuse the same potent cleaning solution to soak or clean exhaust fan filters.
  • Stera-Sheen Red Label’s multi-purpose degreasing action cleans residue from concrete, tile floors, counters, and sinks. It is very effective on greasy and oily surfaces.
  • The excellent cleaning standards of Stera-Sheen Red Label will meet or exceed any local health department specifications.

Stera-Sheen Red Label contains the following cleaning characteristics:

  • Industrial emulsifiers to remove and break down fat particles and oils.
  • Excellent water softeners to ensure thorough cleaning and soil removal (even in very hard water).
  • Chemicals that disperse and suspend soil particles to provide a clean surface upon draining.

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