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FryOilSaver Co. 3 Piece Fryer Cleaning Set – Cleaning Rod, Bristle Brush & Crumb Scoop

FryOilSaver Co. 3 Piece Fryer Cleaning Set – Cleaning Rod, Bristle Brush & Crumb Scoop

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Heat resistant and long lasting high temperature deep fryer cleaning tools

This 3 in 1 set of the best deep fryer cleaning tools make fryer maintenance and cleaning easier! The set includes a deep fryer cleaning rod, high temp fryer cleaning bristle brush and a deep fryer crumb scoop. Use for removal of food particles collecting in hard to reach areas in deep fryers in food trucks or commercial kitchens, clean clogged fryer drains and break up hardened frying oil. This makes emptying the oil easier during your fryer cleaning process. These easy to use and manoeuvre, durable tools provide great leverage and clean most fryers.

21″ Deep Fryer Drain Declogging and Cleaning Rod

  • The best heat resistant deep fryer clean up rod used to break up hardened oil and clean clogged fryer drains
  • This galvanised steel fryer cleaner rod holds up well against heat – a must have for high temperatures fryers!
  • Simply place the straight end into the drain line to break up hardened oil and remove blockages to allow oil free-flow without getting your hands dirty
  • Designed with an angled shape to allow for a firm grip on the handle while unclogging the fryer drains

L Shaped Deep Fryer High Temp Bristle Brush

  • A real time-saver! This fryer cleaning brush withstands temperatures of 500 degrees Fahrenheit. No waiting for equipment to cool – clean your fryer while still hot
  • The innovative L shape design and tough bristles allows easy cleaning of hard to reach areas and gaps in fryers
  • Easily cleans deep fryer burners tubes and fryer coils
  • The brush features a long handle which stays cool to the touch

Stainless Steel Deep Fryer Crumb Scoop

  • Designed to easily reach down between the fryer tank tubes, use this crumb scoop to remove collected food particles and sediment from the bottom of your deep fryer
  • Features drain holes to sift out the food sediment from the fry oil
  • Scoop size: 2″ x 6″ x 2″. Length: 21.75″

Your order will include:

  • 1 x high temp fryer cleaning bristle brush
  • 1 x deep fryer cleaning rod and
  • 1 x deep fryer crumb scoop
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