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Miroil EZ Flow Filter RB6PS/12852 – Bag Only

Miroil EZ Flow Filter RB6PS/12852 – Bag Only

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Miroil RB6PS Filter Bag Only | Efficient, safe and reusable filter bags

Need to manually get rid of gunk in your deep fryer oil? Use the 40 quarts/70lb Miroil EZ Flow Filter Bag. This product removes micron-size food particles that transfer unwanted flavors to your food. Of course, it removes the big stuff too! The polyethylene polymer used for the bags is extremely strong and conforms to Chapter 21 of the US Code for Food Safe and Compatible Materials. This material has been thoroughly tested and doesn’t leak chemicals into oil like normal filter papers. It’s long been regarded as the superior quality frying oil filtration medium available worldwide. These long-life filter bags are washable, re-useable and save 50% of the costs associated with fryer papers

  • Effectively traps micron-size food particles and is strong enough to filter out heavy crumb loads
  • Easy to attach to the holder frame with a series of reinforced snaps
  • Efficient and safe filtering without a filter machine
  • Filters cooler oil at bath water temperature, making it much safer
  • Bigger filter area for oil to flow to make filtering faster
  • Enhances filter performance by improving the performance of portable filtering machines
  • Reusable – Rinses in seconds with hot water
  • Cost saving – Filter as many as 1000 fryers for half the cost of paper filters
  • Robust – Made to withstand kitchen filtering conditions
  • Also available as a bag and frame combo: Miroil EZ Flow Filter Assembly B6PS/02852 with RB6PS Filter Bag 
  • Manufactured from polyethylene polymer and conforming to Chapter 21 of the US Code for Food Safe and Compatible Materials. Unlike paper filters, which can leak chemicals into the oil, no similar effect has been detected in rigorous testing of this material.
  • Product dimensions: 11 x 9 x 7 inches
  • Use for fryer size: 40 qts
  • Oil capacity to: 70 lbs
  • Product UPC 084753000265
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