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Miroil Grease Bucket / Filter Pot With Lid 02060 – 60L 7 Gallon

Miroil Grease Bucket / Filter Pot With Lid 02060 – 60L 7 Gallon

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Miroil 60L 7 gallon capacity filter pot to safely filter, move, store or discard hot oil

Want to move hot oil from your deep fryer to filter, store or discard? You do this task safely and easily using the Miroil 60LC 55 lb filter pot. Why is this pot so safe? Miroil has specifically designed the pot for filtering and safe handling of hot oil. The Miroil pot has a low profile to fit under most drain valves so that you can easily drain the deep fryer. Miroil designed an anti-splash lid and quick lock clips to prevent splashing. They made the pot from rust-resistant coated steel which is durable. We sell filter bags and frames, filter cones and filter cone holders separately

  • 55lb oil filter pot featuring an anti-splash lid
  • Made from rust-resistant coated steel
  • Used for the safe handling and filtering of hot oil – the Miroil EZ Flow Filter Assembly B6PS/02852 – With RB6PS Filter Bag fits perfectly on top (sold separately)
  • Designed to have a low profile to fit underdrain valves
  • Features heavy duty lifting handles and quick lock clips
  • Filters sold separately
  • Capacity: 55 lbs / holds 7 Gallons
  • Diameter: 16 inches
  • Height: 12 inches
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