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MirOil P46C FryPowder Oil Stabilizer – 46x 160ml C Size Packs

MirOil P46C FryPowder Oil Stabilizer – 46x 160ml C Size Packs

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Miroil FryPowder stabilizes your fry oil as you fry and aids filtering when you filter

Miroil FryPowder is an absorbent filter aid and antioxidant oil stabilizer that keeps your cooking oil in peak condition. Miroil Frypowder slows down the accumulation of carbon and gum deposits in fryer oil to preserve its fresh consistency. You can easily add Miroil fry powder to hot oil before each 6 to 8 hour frying session because it is packaged in pre-measured sachets. Oil treated with Miroil FryPowder never smokes or foams. The food centers cook hotter and faster which makes for better fried food, energy savings and healthy cooking practices. This FryPowder works with any fry oil and is a must have for all restaurants, hotels and commercial kitchens.

  • Oil savings from 25% to 40% with reduced energy consumption
  • Alternative buying options available. Buy in Bulk and SAVE!
  • Replaces antioxidants that break down during cooking and aids filtering
  • Works on all fry oils, prolongs oil life and prevents accumulation of carbon and gum deposits
  • Enables the fryer to operate at a lower temperature – frying with lower temperatures keep water in the food and uses the water to cook the food. Frying at a higher temperatures forces the water out of the food into the oil. Water is the enemy of fry oil.
  • Increases the heat delivery to your food centers, because it reduces the formation of contaminates such as acrylamide, carbon, and trans fatty acids
  • Proven for over 20 years to be safe in fryers and filters
  • Add to hot oil before each 6 to 8 hour frying session
  • This package contains 1 carton of 46 packs of 160 ml which are designed for use with fryers up to 40 lb (C size)
  • Fully approved by the USDA Food and Drug Authority
  • View and download Miroil FryPowder MSDS
  • Wondering HOW MUCH FryPowder to buy for your size fryer? Click here to view the Miroil FryPowder dosage chart to make the right choice
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